anniversary trip

our favorite weekend plans around here are NO weekend plans, but every once in awhile we get away. last weekend we escaped for our annual anniversary trip. i start saving up babysitting grandma time in the fall and hoard and hoard so i don't feel too guilty asking them to watch the kids overnight for a few days for us. this was the farthest i have physically left the kids, so i was a little apprehensive. i even tried at the last minute to convince ty to just stay home for the weekend, but let people think we actually left somewhere for vacation. we still would be kidless right? ha, he didn't fall for that one.

he kept asking over and over, where do you want to go? and i honestly anywhere, nowhere, as long as i could 1. sleep in and 2. get in and out of a car whenever i wanted without saying a pray, swearing in my head, strapping in kids and doing the hokey pokey to keep crying to a minimum. anywhere without kids, i was happy.
vacancy on a Thursday night! huzzah!
we ended up FINALLY staying in tonopa, nv at the newly refinished Mizpah Hotel. let me tell you, it was fabulous. said in my most fabulous of voices and using jazz hands. i wish we could have stayed there both nights, i just love old historic mining towns.
Jack Dempsey, the famous boxer ended up living in Tonapah after a boxing match and working as bouncer at the Mizpah 
We stayed in the Jack Dempsey suite and it was beautiful

we made the 40 mile drive to see the ghost town Belmont, NV and that was something we can't wait to take the kids too also.
but first...a selfie (look at how happy Ty is)
luckily ty and i both morbidly love old cemeteries
and taking pictures of dirt devils and desert

we drove the next day and toured Virginia City, NV (another must go see with the kids). Ty had only been once as a kid, and I grew up going there but hadn't been for decades. i love virginia city so much history! so much to do! also, we only fought about parking in virginia city once, not too shabby.
mark twain museum was fascinating, these are the artifacts that survived the Virginia City fire
Mark Twain's desk
I like Mark Twain ok?
We can't wait to take the kids, such a fun getaway.

we met my brother and sister in law for dinner in Reno, which was a delight in and of itself and then saw my nieces and nephews before heading home. it was a great weekend of sleeping in and no diaper duty and seeing some family. i can't wait to start planning next year's trip. a special thanks to my amazing in-laws for parenting our children the entire time. i know they need to rest up until next year, hint hint :)

it is nice to be home and back to our home life, things have been crazy so i am especially grateful we got away for a minute or two 

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Chandra said...

I'm so glad you were able to get away for a couple of days. It's always fun to focus on each other with no distractions.

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