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Sometimes I get emails about this blog. Sometimes I read them, sometimes I junk them. Sometimes I don't know what is really going on (this happens most of the time). One I opened today was hilarious, a hair color company wanting me to post my "favorite" prep for summer beauty routines and they will feature it on their site! Ha!

Are you ready for this, how to prep for summer Annie style:

1. Chop your hair off. Just do it. Don't forget to color your grays! 

2. Cut off some jeans from the thrift store into shorts. BOOM!

3. Make sure you have one pair of water proof flip flops and double check your swimsuit still fits

4. Enlist your kids in every summer reading/library/ swim program you can handle (last summer that was ZERO, this year I'm contemplating at least one)

5. Buy all the sunscreen at Costco 

6.embrace 5am workouts, it's gonna be hot outside momma

What I really have to do to prep for summer:

1. sign that homework packet that is hiding in the pandora's box that is abby's backpack. i think it's been 2 weeks since i've seen it.
2. try and keep lunch food on hand, last year the last few days of school they went with sliced up hot dogs and watermelon slices in tin foil.
3. don't let them stay up late yet! you still have to wake up in the morning for 6 more days.
4. make a bucket list of summer activities with the kids and put on the fridge
5. make a chore list for computer/screen time and put on the fridge
6. do lots of yoga and meditation to prepare for SUMMER
A beautiful double rainbow over our house this Sunday, I'm going to chalk it up as an omen for an amazing summer. 

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stephanie said...

i love love love your haircut.

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