Marriage and the 24 day challenge

When ty told me he was ready to do the 24 day challenge, I was really wary. Very, really, a lot. And here is why; every marriage has the same about 3-4 marital arguments. Money, sex, family and one of ours was "healthy" eating. No matter how much I researched, read and practiced Ty "knew" what was healthy and stuck to it. Like, when you eat chips and salsa, you just balance it out with a glass of milk. What? And a nice cold root beer before bed is perfect (that's 46 grams of SUGAR before bed my reader friends). Not to mention the sodas and crap candy ( and sometimes energy drinks) he was buying at gas stations to make it through a rough day. Ack, run away! You will never win this argument!!!

But he insisted, he wanted to do it. And so, I reluctantly ordered his stuff and we talked about the eating plan and water etc. Even though the challenge is hard and not for anyone unless they are ready for change... here is WHY I love this 24 day challenge, it teaches you how to eat healthy for YOU. It is flexible and easy if you put a little prep into it. DISCLAIMER: I prepped ALL of his food, every day, for 24 days. I don't think you should sign up for this unless you really want to test how much you love your spouse. Holy cow. But, right now it is hotter than hades and helping him with his food was the least I could do when he is in a box that's 125 degrees all day.

So, he started and just like me, the first few days were rough. He wanted chips and salsa sooooo badly. So I upped his salt on a lot of his food the next few days and it helped.

Yes, he learned how much more energy you have when you eat ENOUGH protein and ENOUGH good carbohydrates. But the best part of and about the challenge to me, if you have had eating problems (not a disorder mind you, just addictions) is the 3 weekends. Yup, 3 WEEKENDS of sticking to the plan. Weekends is where the rubber meets the road so to speak. You don't really realize how much you indulge on weekends until you have a meal plan to stick to. And the first weekend is the hardest. So so rough. It also makes your family uncomfortable when you are eating healthy around them and they are not. Very akward, lots of "no thank you's" and just ignoring the cheesecake ice cream everyone is feasting on. There was lots of gum chewing and going to bed early. hehe. 

Overall we ate out about 3 times during his 24 day challenge and he didn't stick to the plan (it was family time), but he did attend his family reunion and really did awesome considering everything. And he lost 12 pounds! And stopped snoring!!! And really felt great, less headaches also. The spark is the best thing for him and his headaches and concentrating at work or not falling asleep driving to work, or home, you know, avoiding death and crankiness is always a good thing.

Last but not least, it actually was a great thing for our marriage. He finally understood why I do what I do, and how much protein is enough for him and what GOOD carbs are and what LESS GOOD carbs are and to really eat enough healthy fats. And getting up in the morning and making our breakfast together and talking, even at 4am, has been good for us. And I'm happy to have us moving towards a healthier eating lifestyle because cancer sucks and so does heart disease.
he also looks better too, minor detail :)
Today he has been done with the challenge for 2 weeks? I think, and is down 14 pounds and feeling great. He is sticking to the meal plan but indulging what he wants to, and now runs 3-4 times a week (all on his own, no nagging from me! MIRACLE)

He also went on our Church's 50 mile hike with the Scouts and came home happy! What? They did the exact same hike 2 years ago and he was a complete cripple when he arrived at our door. He said the hike was easier, and he never got as tired and the Advocare supplements just helped him cruise through it. Our favorite supplement this summer is the REHYDRATE. It's their brand of gatorade and the packs were easy for him to pack in and out and the electrolyte/potassium balance is great for exhausting hikes, excessive heat (like on his job sites) and after exercise. It's also the official drink of Major League Soccer, soooo....yeah. It's great. 

I'm proud of him (and me!) and honestly am really grateful for Advocare and how it is impacting our lives. We are happier, healthier, motivated and also earning extra $$ every month for our family. Win, win win win win. Boom.


Cathy said...

I could do anything for 24 days if my wife prepped all the food for me. Prepping kills me.

Anonymous said...

That's my big drawback too, the prepping because it is time consuming. Not that my health should not be worth it. I am just so bad at committing to and sticking with anything especially if it entails something like prepping.. I think you ought to give a class on prepping or share how you do it.. I really need some recipes and menu ideas..

Unknown said...

Congratulations Ty! You look amazing!

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