first day of school 2015

We have 3 little crazy monkeys attending school this year.

No morning of photos because I couldn't find the camera. haha, thanks dumb phone!

it was a rough wait for afternoon kindergarten to begin. we love Mrs. H and Phoebe had a perfect day.
 no complaining from brother that everyone was out of the house. hmm.
 cousin lyla was all smiles too.
 front of the line. nobody puts my baby in a corner.
 i let her pick her own outfit. it was painful.

 3rd grade, Kindergarten and 5th grade

 obligatory awkward mom photo, i'm officially a taxi now and raising real children.
mind boggling.
i love summer with my kids. but this summer was a little more rough, the heat always gets to me by July and I want to run away in August. the first day of school here in town is absolutely crazy. i drove to the school 3 times today. i never really get emotional but i know i will when the last one goes, that will be kind of crazy.

 but we are excited for order and routine and to start ballet next WEEK. gahhhh.

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my name is becky kelly said...

I thought i would get emotional when my last went! nope! just fine over here! I miss her, but no crying!

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