passing the torch

Thanksgiving growing up was mainly about two things in my mind, ROLLS and PIES. Up until high school I didn't realize that people buy rolls and buy pies to eat. Doesn't everyone make them? I started making pies my sophomore year of college. I remember the very first time I attempted granny's pie crust recipe, I labored and labored mixing it, (cutting it with knives), only to realize I didn't have a rolling pin. And living in an all male condo complex meant, no one really had a pie pin around me, this is before my cousin Joe moved in next door and informed me on all things cuisine, I always think of him every time I add dill to my tuna sandwiches. I digress, I ended up using a can of beans to roll the crust! Of course it was heavy, but I was still proud of my ingenuity. 

And now, I love baking pies with my own kids. I love teaching them what I have learned from my mother, and my granny and so on and so forth. I love talking crusts and recipes with my cousins and sisters. 

This year I attempted, for the first time, to quadruple Aunt Lynne's roll recipe. My mom quadruples it every Thanksgiving, but I've only doubled it. I planned and prepared and might have read the recipe four times the night before just to be even more ready. Ty was on back-up plan to buy Hawaiian rolls at the store and pass them off as mine in case of a worst case scenario. 

No need because the Leavitt household had complete success! I'm not ashamed to say they were the best darn rolls this side of Overton. Rodney loved helping to shape them into circles. The girls loved "testing" them out of the oven "just to make sure" they were ok.

So here you go mom, you've done good. 

I'm working on hiding my gums when I smile, but I think it just makes me look mad and/or constipated. So I guess full on gummy pictures are here to stay.
And speaking of passing on torches, little miss Phoebe has learned how to start, drive, park and turn off the little four-wheeler. I might have a mini heart attack watching her ride it around, but Ty is pretty proud of her. She's a quick learner and has the muscle memory like something else. I snapped this yesterday morning in-between rolls rising. ;)

thoughts on gratitude

Yesterday Rodney popped out of bed way too early, again, (it's time to get him a clock just like we did the girls). He immediately told me, "it's Thanksgiving!" and "Can we eat the pies now?". 

After he had some oatmeal and settled in with transformers I snuck out for a run. I've had the tradition of a Thanksgiving run for a long time, I think the first time was the Thanksgiving after we first married. So going on 12 years now, barring pregnancies or sick kids. It's one of my favorite traditions. And no, it' not so I can overstuff my face during the day, which I actually don't do half as much anymore, it really sets my mood for the rest of the holiday.

Auggie the dog of course was overjoyed with the prospect of a run, so we took off just as the sun was rising above the Mesa. It was a perfect morning. Quiet, beautiful, and lots of time to think while my legs slowly moved my body along and Auggie darted up and down every hill we encountered, always pausing at the top to make sure I can see how amazing he is. Men. haha.

As I ran down the hill to the house, I realized it's been a very long year, but a very good one too. I was overwhelmed with the problems we have faced this year, but not because they were difficult, but because of all the blessings that have come with them. My cup overfloweth.


delicious november

We made it. We survived the relentless heat that continued on clear through October. Ugh Ugh Ugh.  And we barely survived hunting season. And birthdays are over until January. Exhale.

I love November. We have had a fire glowing from the fireplace almost every night, coats, mittens, pomegranates and thanks to my pruning and fertilizing,

my roses are gloriously happy.

Ty took me to the Balanchine Celebration performance at the Smith Center for my birthday. Nevada Ballet Theatre impressed and inspired. It was absolutely beautiful. Considering two of the ballets were choreographed in the 1930's and yet look effortllessly timeless, you can visually see and feel that man was a genius. A total scallywag, but a genius nonetheless. ;)

We finally, finally, finally! Took family pictures. I find this a good gauge of where my mental health barometer is, because I haven't wanted to, had the desire, motivation, or energy to take family pictures for THREE YEARS. The last time we took the pictures Rodney wasn't even one. Face palm. Our good friend and neighbor took them and I just love them. This is the only one I have seen so far, and I have no words. I can't believe this is my family.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I love food and spending time with my family. I love reflecting on the past year and all of the many blessings I've witnessed. God is good.


The guinea pig I feel guilty about

As a child, I LOVE pets. As an adult, or more importantly a parent, I despise them. Not the dog of course, we've established that. But another mouth to feed? And another butt that poops? And another place of residence to clean? WEEKLY? Shoot me now.

This is Rhino, we thought it was a boy, and then we thought it was a girl for a year, and then a boy for another year, and finally, he is a boy.

But let me tell you something, if you wish every day for an animal to disappear, and then...it does. Well just get ready for a mt. everest amount of guilt. Karma is a nasty thing.

Rhino died, at the end of Ty's hunt so he was NOT home and I had to bury it. And the ground was rock solid and I didn't bury it enough because apparently our amazing dog or coyotes got to him and thank goodness I saw his hairy, mutilated corpse before the kids did. I wouldn't go pick pomegranates at our house anytime soon.

What's up with random pet updates? I don't know, but Rhino needed to be remembered in all his metrosexual glory.


the dog with a guilt complex

I called to give him back. I called a week after having a tiny, furry terrorizing puppy in our home to give him back. He was nipping at the kids all day long, he was hyper (I thought he was mellow when bringing him home). It was just too much work, and I did not have an ounce of extra energy or attention for anything else. My plate was full.

Luckily we didn't give him back. It's been 18 months and our dog has turned into a great dog. And I can't believe I'm saying this, I even like him now. He's definitely not perfect, **be forewarned, he still humps everyone, we are working on this**.  But besides the humping, and always flashing us his unit, ahem, he is essential to our house now. He watches over the kids, all.day.long. If they are outside, he is right there. He keeps constant property control, he knows who belongs at our house, and who is a stranger. He knows what time the girls come home from school and what time is too late to be in our driveway. This is priceless to me.   He also is really scary when he's mad at someone on our property late at night.  He waits at the bus stop with Phoebe, he goes on my runs with me, he even enjoys Ty's humongous hikes he goes on. He follows grandpa on his 4-wheeler and the girls on their bikes. He endures Rodney's constant poking,  prodding, wrestling and body slams.

Most importantly he has outgrown barking at strange objects at 2am. For his first year if something was misplaced on the yard and he stumbled upon it he would turn into an ambulance siren. Alert! Alert! Something is in the yard!

One night it was a toddler bike.

Another night it was a work ladder and bucket ty had placed next to his truck.

Once we come out in our pajamas, and show him that no, it is not a ravenous coyote out to kill him or a criminal coming to butcher us, he calms down.

I'm so glad this doesn't happen anymore.

He loves grandma and grandpa. I think he might even have a greater love for them, as they spoil him just like grandparents do their grandkids. ha! They give him the best food and attention. He basically splits his time between the households like someone with joint custody.

And...he's religious. I say this because he has the greatest guilt complex I have ever seen an animal possess. If he has done something even remotely wrong you will know it. He cowers to the ground, he covers his eyes, he will army crawl 100ft to me when he knows he is supposed to heel but is in trouble.  One time he was displaying all of his remorseful behaviors.  I could tell he felt awful and even more guilty because he knew I hadn't yet seen the crime scene. An hour or so later I walked out to the trash and saw the dirty deed, he had opened a trash bag and pulled out probably 5-6 containers.  But he had stopped there! I can only imagine the guilty thoughts going through his head as he played with the trash. "Mom is going to kill me. Mom is going to kill me." It's actually laughable when you think about it.

So if you are coming over to our house, we would love to see you! But look out for our humping and guilty complex ridden dog.

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