The guinea pig I feel guilty about

As a child, I LOVE pets. As an adult, or more importantly a parent, I despise them. Not the dog of course, we've established that. But another mouth to feed? And another butt that poops? And another place of residence to clean? WEEKLY? Shoot me now.

This is Rhino, we thought it was a boy, and then we thought it was a girl for a year, and then a boy for another year, and finally, he is a boy.

But let me tell you something, if you wish every day for an animal to disappear, and does. Well just get ready for a mt. everest amount of guilt. Karma is a nasty thing.

Rhino died, at the end of Ty's hunt so he was NOT home and I had to bury it. And the ground was rock solid and I didn't bury it enough because apparently our amazing dog or coyotes got to him and thank goodness I saw his hairy, mutilated corpse before the kids did. I wouldn't go pick pomegranates at our house anytime soon.

What's up with random pet updates? I don't know, but Rhino needed to be remembered in all his metrosexual glory.

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