so many posts in the making, but first! Challenge!

I have so many thing to write about life around here. How the kids are growing faster than my heart can handle, how we have been plagued with sickness for two weeks but things could be worse so I'm not complaining, but a quick announcement!  I am hosting another 24 day Weight Loss Challenge!!

Starting FEBRUARY 15th!!

If you are stuck and looking for a jumpstart to weight loss, better  health, overall well-being and an improved lifestyle change then this is for you!

Join  our challenge and besides having access to the online FREE virtual coach that guides you on your smart phone:

You also get from me one on one email support, meal prep plan, exercise plan!

This is going to be a great group. Order by February 9th! You can order your challenge here:

Or if you are local email me as I am putting in my order soon. 

The 24 day Challenge has helped transform my life and get me back to a healthy lifestyle and goal driven life. What can it do for you?!

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