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I think it's been so long since I've posted there were cobwebs on my blog page. Almost every other morning I have this jolt of inspiration and need to write it down on here. And then my day gets swept up in a tidal wave of errands, appointments, chores, and kid stuff. These kids need to go to lots of stuff, eat lots of stuff and use a lot of stuff and then leave a lot of stuff to be picked up. Still trying to figure out how to have less stuff, which after Christmas is not the smartest move. Like dieting the day after Thanksgiving, lots of questions and self loathing.

BUT...I can not let the funny things these kids say go amiss. I know I will forget. 

Phoebe, very distraught the morning after losing her second tooth:
"The tooth fairy didn't come last night!
Abby walks in in her pjs and matter of factly states, "Oh, she always takes a few days for my teeth, don't worry."

Out of 4 schools Phoebe took second place overall at the speed meet

All day school has proven quite the task for little miss Phoebe's goals. She is TIRED and cranky most days. She is trying to run at least a mile every day during recess, besides playing with her friends and bouncing of the walls 24/7 to boot.  She's also proving to be a true 7 year old with statements like, "YOU HATE ME DON"T YOU?!" and "I"M JUST THE WORST EVER!".  Ah, seven year olds, like a good cheese they get more tolerable with age. (I have never tolerated 7 year olds very well, they are like ICK age the entire year). There, I said it.  Phoebe is still my favorite Phoebe though, of all time. 

Rodney, oh where do I start with his quotes? This boy freaking LOVES school. Loooooves it and it still crushes my soul. Ty dropped the kids of a little late the other day and had to walk him through the hallways to his classroom. That night while I'm making dinner he said, "Did you know Rodney knows almost everyone at that school? Almost every single kid and teacher said, 'HI RODNEY!' and he knows all of them too.  Let's just say, he is very friendly and funny according to his teacher. 
Rodney's teacher sent this to me. Swoon.

It's true though, when I drop him off there are these little tiny adults that yell at me "HI RODNEY"S MOOOOOM!!!!!". I'm famous I guess. 

Some of his best quotes lately:

He loves to get to school early so he can be "KING of the playground!"  I don't even know what that means because he basically just frolics around with lots of jumping and talking to himself. 

After we sent Santa Christmas letters: "Mom, do you think Santa can read without spaces?"  Teachers will laugh at that one. I assured him, that yes, Santa can read all languages and even letters that don't have spaces between the words. hehe.

Rodney loves to whistle. All.Day.Long. When he eats (I know right?), draws, plays, everything. His Grandpa Leavitt asked him the other day, "Rodney, how did you get so good at whistling?" 
Rodney blurts out, "I practice when I go to the bathroom!"

"I love sitting on your lap mom!"..."It's SO soft and squishy!"  hmmm, not my favorite quote but funny nonetheless. 

Every Sunday morning, "Is it Sunday today?"  "Yes it is, all day!" I respond. "Oh, I think I'm sick. I don't feel good. My tummy hurts."  Or the best, "I HATE SUNDAYS! THEY ARE THE WORST! WHY DO WE HAVE TO GO TO CHURCH?!!!"

We took Uncle Taylor and Aunt Megan to see Star Wars for his birthday and Phoebe, Lucy and Rodney all fell asleep. But Rodney fell asleep, and didn't wake up until the next morning. In his bed (and it was a Sunday). I've never seen that boy so mad in my life.  He stormed into my bedroom, "WHY did you let me fall asleep at the movie? We are going back to the movie TODAY and do NOT let me fall asleep!!!!"  I'm pretty sure he was stomping with every single syllable.  

We still haven't gone back, he has survived thus far. He really likes Star Wars by the way.

Abby has turned 10 and is as delightful as ever but with small spurts of hormonal upset sprinkled here and there. She took birthday treats to her classroom and of course made sure to bring dairy free treat for her friend that is lactose intolerant. Whose kid is this??? Not mine, that's for sure. The night of her birthday party she gently asked, "Do you think anyone will remember my party?" Oh Abby, everyone will remember! She truly is a delight in our home.
Abby's party!
Happy at Disneyland 

Lucy is in full middle school mode. Shoes are VERY important, and clothes, and hair and ohmygoshmomican'tbelieveyoujustsaidthat/worethat/drovethatway. It's amazing! I love having a personified version of the voice in my head that points out my every false move and failing!  I assure her that yes, I am the worst mom every because I won't let her have a smart phone/tablet/ipod touch and someday she can raise a family and be the BEST mom ever!!!!!  
Ty bribed Lucy to shoot the AR15

She picked up the flute as her middle school instrument and I must say, it sounds so beautiful. I love hearing her practice. It's totally worth the 10 minute fighting match to get her to play it. She also gets pointe shoes this week! Ack! I can't believe it!!! 

I have been seeing a therapist for almost two years now ( I still haven't written about my mental breakdown wonderful life change two years ago) and the other night made some huge progress with Ty. We arrived home late, on a school night, from a family get together and I was losing my shiz...completely with the kids. This is par for course for this kind of scenario.  I plopped down on the couch next to Ty and asked, "How much of this is the kids being totally awful and how much is this me being crazy and irrational?"  I basically just won the Olympic gold medal for recognizing my epic emotional dysregulation episodes that happen. You're welcome.
Early Thanksgiving morning hike

 Here's to better mental health for 2017!!! What are your goals? 

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