dirty dishes and tight hip flexors

There a few things that symbolize for me how well I am faring both emotionally, mentally, spiritually.  Strange, these items might seem, but true nonetheless. A new concept I have started to grasp is gravity problems and anchor problems. Gravity problems will never go away, they are just there. Anchor problems are things you won't let go of, that keep you down. A house full of small children is a house that will always be messy. That is a gravity problem. Not filthy, but messy. But cleanliness and organization is a solvable problem, staying on top of the cleanliness and orderliness of the house keeps my spirit calm, my kids calm, my husband calm, and the house peaceful.  It's never perfect, and it's almost always messy, but underneath that it is clean and organized. And that has made a big difference.

My kitchen sink

 If it is clean and empty I am happy.

Clean laundry

I'm peaceful when they are no more than 2 loads that need to be washed. I can't do the allthelaundryinoneday bit, I get overwhelmed and quit. 2 loads a day, rain or shine, helps keep me sane.

Matching Socks

If everyone has matching socks in their drawers my blood pressure is lower. It also signals I'm on top of the laundry. (this excludes the older children in charge of their laundry, they can worry about their own socks)

Hip Flexors

if these are tight it means I am uptight and stressed and not stretching. recently I have been uptight a lot.

My photo storage

this keeps me up at night. our iMac is ancient and has zero storage. We also have approximately 5billion photos that need to be printed and put on discs. We haven't done this. I still feel guilty. It feels like a gravity problem, although I know it isn't. I can start working on getting the photos archived and printed, and also just bite the bullet and buy a computer that isn't 10 years old. 

oh, and it's raining today. so how is that for a random post?

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