parenting style 101

I'm writing this with a new kitten on my lap. I also said we would never have more than one cat. I also told the kids once I didn't have to clean the litterbox out for a year we could get another pet. They never made it past one week.

But Abby met her reading goal and all she wanted was a kitten. So we caved. Sidenote: our current cat has social issues. I know all cats do, but Tonga literally wants nothing to do with humans. Unless she needs a door opened, closed, food or water, she could care less that we exist. Having a little kitten that likes to be held and cuddled is definitely a bonus. I hid my #catlady secret identity for years, but deep down I love them. Always have.

It made me ponder on my parenting style over the years. From what I can remember from child development *cough *cough about 18 years ago is there are three forms of parenting: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. Authoriatarian: think hitler. Permissive: think pushover. Authoritative, think Atticus Finch.

Everyone ends up being a mixture of these. I think I've always swung from one extreme to the next. As Dolly Parton said, "I can't do nothing just a little."

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