it's official

well, it's official we are moving to provo in two months. ty is going to finish his bachelor's degree in construction management at BYU. it's funny to be going back there after three years, but we are excited. i am excited for BYU baseball games and 50 cent movie night and the beautiful fall leaves. i'm very very very excited that the temple is 5 minutes away and not an hour . i am excited to be around other couples that are going to school also and to finally have ty graduate...someday. we hope if you are in town that you will visit, since we will be lonely!
we found this cute house to rent right by campus, and for ty it has the most important asset a property can have, a garage. for me, i am glad the girls will have their own rooms while we put abby on a schedule; but there is no dishwasher, and i hate dishes, but I will be ok. it has a fenced in yard and a basement for storage, so it all evens out i guess.

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