my girls

abby has been such a blessing in our family, she is so calm and peaceful, and patient. it's almost like she knows I really need her to be there for me. if she's hungry, she'll just wait patiently till I can feed her, and I'm so grateful for that.
she listens to lucy all day long, and lucy loves to put her binky in her mouth, even if she doesn't want it! everytime that abby squaks, even when lucy's in the bathtub she'll yell "Abby needs her binky!" I'm excited to watch them grow up and (hopefully) play together

Lucille is definitely our little dancer. without any encouragement from me or ty, she has turned into a blossoming ballerina. she loves classical music, her 'pointe' shoes and her tutu. she prances about all day long. she can watch a move from me or the tv and imitate it right away.

lucy's aunt tara took these pictures, and I just can't get enough of them. it really caught lucy's emotions. lucy always says "twirl with me mommy!"

lucy and her 'arabestk' as she calls it

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