easter is about chocolate

So this morning Ty and I tried to explain the resurrection to a 2 year old (what were we thinking?). Lucy seemed to memorize the phrase about how he died for us and now he lives, in "heaben". Well, thanks to a great nursery leader, they learned about Jesus all day long, and she came home and told Aunt Sarah all about Jesus and "how he got owies on his feet and hands" and how he died and now lives. We were so proud.

Tyson's parents came over for a family Easter dinner and we were so excited to "show off" Lucy's new knowledge about Jesus and the Atonement. So they asked her, "Lucy, what is Easter?" She said, "Eggs!"; so they asked, "No, what is Easter about?" And our brilliant daughter said, "Easter is about chocolate!" Can't blame her, it seems that we gave the candy message a lot stronger than about the Savior. But she's learning. It was pretty funny!

Lucy in her new Easter dress and Bonnet (and pretty new shoes thanks to cousin Emily)

I couldn't resist putting in this picture. I know that it's really blurry but I love the excitement in Lucy's eyes and the terror in Abby's.

Our family, Easter 2007. Don't you love how candy can make a kid so happy, and then they turn into something like this? She was NOT very happy taking pictures after church, hmm, neither was Abby.

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