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lucy and abby last week in bed. i put abby in lucy's crib while lucy and i cleaned up her room. well, i actually cleaned up and lucy undid everything i did :) well, she just thought it would be so much fun to get into bed with abby and i snapped this (right before lucy squished her). abby is getting pretty chubby these days, and she's smiling! i call her 'chunk-a-lunk'. she weighs 10lbs 6 oz now, so she has more than doubled her birth weight, way to go! she'll be three months old on the 11th, i still can't believe it.

so here is a picture of Ty, Lucy and our kitty from this fall. the weird part is is that this was a totally random picture. Ty and Lucy were reading their daily 'nightime' story and the cat (which no longer lives inside by the way) curled up in his lap. notice the title of the book, we thought it was too funny! this is our cat named "kitty" who had kittens, now her name is "mommy kitty" according to lucy. ty still reads lucy a story every night before bedtime, and it is a great help for me. he doesn't even skip any pages either (i tend to cheat a little if i'm tired!) love love love this picture. abby had been home about a week when i snapped this. lucy does love her little sis. i can tell though that this has been a hard time for her, a difficult adjustment. she is getting used to the fact that i have to divide my attention and time between the two of them, and someday we will survive all of this. i told my friend who also has two little girls, that someday it will be so wonderful to just hop into the car with my two teenage daughters and just go play. these days it takes about an hour and a half to get the two of them ready and packed just for a trip to the library.

lucy's 2 year old pictures that i never got out to anybody. she looked so cute and i still have all of the pictures on my computer waiting to get printed out and mailed...oops. lucy loves to dance, and she loves bugs. a funny combination if you ask me. we found a june bug outside today and she told ty that "him's a girl, him's name is sophie!" how funny. she also loves to go on our walks now in the mornings, which is a change from before abby. she is much more peaceful now that they sit by each other. we saw a squished bunny on the road last week and the next day it was gone, she wanted to know why. i told her why and she still asks about where he is when we drive by that spot in the car. i tell lucy that she is my "favorite lucy", now I know why my mom always said that phrase, to make each one of us feel special.

abby was in the paper for her birth announcement last week. i finally got around to doing it and her picture came out way dark. bummer. but this one turned out well and she looks so cute. about 3 weeks old, so she had been home a week. that is when she used to sleep all day long, not anymore! ty can get her to coo and smile like crazy, way better than when she's with me. when i try and talk to her all she wants to do is eat, big surprise. she is my 'favorite abby'.

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