tutus and cowboy boots

Lucy with the neighbor's horses out back.
For some odd reason, Lucy loves to pair her favorite tutu with her hand-me-down boots from cousin Annie. They always elicit funny reaction s from people, if you tell her they look "cool" she'll say "No, they look pretty!".Lucy watched Alice in Wonderland and now always wants to lay in the "flowers". We only have clovers, but those seem to do.

She is not scared of them at all and will feed them right out of her hand.
Last week the horse thought her finger was the carrot...oops.
Lucy wasn't hurt but she was very offended that the "horsie bit her".

Abby and Ty playing some good ol' classic Nintendo.
Ty's brother bought a machine that will play all of their old games.
Mike Tyson's Punch-out has been the favorite, but Ty always has a hard time passing Soda Popinski :) Don't tell him I told you that!

Abby our smilin' girl 3 1/2 months old

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