a few of my favorites

So I loved seeing steph's strawberry picture again, and thought I'd share some of my favorite photos of us growing up.

I love this of me and sarah, just chillin' in my retro carseat (looks like abby huh?)ty and grandma leavitt
this is my favorite of ty when he was little. his mom says he was the happiest baby ever.

smurfland- I don't remember where we were, but some theme-park had smurfland houses that were just my size. we were leaving and I begged my mom to go see them, she finally took me all by myself and I was elated.

ok billy, this one is in here for you! for all of you that don't know or haven't seen this picture, I had to wear headgear to correct my underbite in 2nd grade. I guess it was a prototype, but I was given the option of wearing this 24 hours a day for 18 months or having surgery at 16- what was I thinking? It is a family favorite picture and topic to joke about, and in reality, I don't ever remember being made fun of; maybe I blocked it out.

my sisters sarah, danna and me (it's horrible looking, I know)

tyson after a baseball game our senior year of high school 2000.
ty loves baseball, I think it is his passion. this picture really captures the joy he has when he plays it or even watches it. he loved his teammates and still enjoys talking about past games and home runs and errors and bus trips; and how they almost could have taken state two years in a row. (Don't tell him I said that!)

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