goodbye ol' blue

So we finally decided to sell Ty's GMC Z71; and it was a sad day. Ty was really happy that he sold it to his cousin Vance, and it is still "in the family" I guess. We've had so many memories and fun trips in this truck, it seems like it's almost the end of the beginning of our marriage. It was our first car together, we brought Lucy home from the hospital in it! So does this mean that after four years and two kids we aren't "newylyweds" anymore? I guess that's a question for the ages.

One last goodbye, I know, it's cheesy.

Don't worry, I didn't forget to put pictures in of the girls for you all!
Here's Abby enjoying the most amazing invention of the century, the cradle swing.

Lucy and Abby hanging out on "mommy's" bed. Lucy looks like a little girl in this picture, not a toddler anymore. She's wearing Ty's favorite 'Ortiz' Red Sox jersey.

Who doesn't love Aunt Danna?
The girls both were so excited to get a visit from their favorite Aunt Danna. Abby just squealed and squealed and Lucy did NOT want her to leave. She said, "After my nap, we'll go see Aunt Danna and Pee-Jee (DJ)" Too bad they live in California, but Ty and I hopefully will get a trip down there before we move.

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