fourth of july

we ended up staying in provo for the fourth and missed out on shakespeare in cedar. but it ended up being a nice time in the end. the parade was a blast for lucy because she saw the 'wizard of oz' float twice and liked all of the princesses. i decided to run the freedom 10k on a whim, (oh boy) and it was fun. we watched the fireworks from our rooftop and enjoyed that also. we thought we were such cool parents because we woke up lucy and took her on top of the house, she sat there for 2 minutes and said "i want to go back to bed." that was it, no fireworks could keep her away from her nice, soft and cozy bed. what a girl!

a float went by with the twin towers on it and a firefighter and army officer, and it did bring a little tear to my eye. i am so grateful for this country and the freedom that i take for granted everyday.


Jordan and Jandee said...

Flip we really should coordinate better, I ran the 5K with Bambi & my mom because no one would run the 10K with me....we should really get together on these things...also I want to go take a ballet class on Saturday sometime, I hear Jennie Creer-King offers just a laid back adult class at her studio, would you be interested in going with me?

The Richards in Canada said...

I love the Freedom Parade. It really is the best one I've ever been to! Funny little girl!

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