pioneer day

stuart falls hike up by sundance, utah. so beautiful. weird, we did this hike a few weeks after we were married (remember steph?), and now, well look at us!

i love that lucy doesn't mind getting into the water and mud and getting dirty. she will always be able to enjoy life, i have no doubts about that.


lucy found another catipillar and all of them are named "slimey" from sesame street.

abby is over 6 months old!

lucy was as happy as can be. she even says she likes hiking better than watching movies. whoah

we went with ty's brother trent and wife tara (the photographer!)

we stayed at the bottom of the falls for a long time, just enjoying everything. i love this picture of ty and abby.


Stephanie and Paul said...

fantastic pics! and of course i remember hiking stuart falls! we have come a long way but i think we don't look too much worse for the wear! and it's so worth it for these beautiful kids! love you guys!

Becky J. said...

Definitely the only thing you can do on Pioneer Day to really feel like a pioneer is to go hiking (or trekking I guess.) Unless you're my hubby and his bros. who feel like every July they have to observe "No Shave Month" in honor of their pioneer ancestors. I hate it! Joseph doesn't ever get too far because he eventually misses me kissing him which I refuse to do when he's all scruffy and it hurts!

Anyway, cute pics! It really was fun to see you and your girls last week! They're adorable, and we have to get together again soon!

Stephanie and Paul said...

hey can you give me bill and mel's email address?

Melanie said...

Fun pictures! I can't believe how big Abby is getting. My mom loved seeing the pictures of the kids. So did Emily. :)

Becky J. said...

"Where have you gone, Joe Dimaggio" Leavitt? I want more Annie news! Come back!

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