first day of school

Ty: "where is the TNRB?"

Me: "that's the tanner building, you know right across the street from the math building"

Ty: "you mean across the sidewalk?"

Me: "no across the street at the light- you know, the big building they hang the Y banner on?"

Ty: "no, there's only a hill and the RB across from the talmage... just drive me there."

Me "fine..I'll drive you."

meanwhile in the car...

Lucy: "mommy, were are we going?"

Me: "to drop daddy off at school"

Abby: "spbbbfffbbbblpppp"

Lucy "Are we going to the duck pond?"

Me: "no, just at school"

Lucy: "to eat?"

Me: "no, just daddy's school honey"

Lucy: "can i get another piece of bread and butter at the 'eat'?"
(one small loaf of bread and butter is 75 cents at the cougareat (cafeteria) )

Me: "no, we just ate lunch, remember? chicken dinosaurs and zucchini?"

Lucy: "oh, yeah, but i still want bread."

Me: "maybe next time"

I just thought it was funny- taking ty to school the first day back. lucy loves to go on to campus- but just to eat or play, not to pick up or drop off daddy. She also said in the car..."what are all these people doing?" There were a ton of people on campus.

in three months we have seen two full rainbows just like this one over our house.

the tanner building atrium- ah.. many a bagel was bought there my freshman year, and maybe a few (probably dozens :) of snickers bars?

the tanner building at sunset


Melanie said...

I love the dialogue! Kids are so funny. One-track minds I tell you!

Tell Ty we hope enjoys his new classes. We're sure he'll do well!

Miss you guys!

Stephanie and Paul said...

you are so nice to drive ty! i used to do it for paul but now with 2 kids i'm not up to packing them in the car to haul over to school.

so does it feel more like you're in student-ville now? i used to have that bread for lunch! it was 50 or 60 cents fun to see campus through the kids' eyes!

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