my daddy can fly

yes, this is tyson flying on his four-wheeler. among his many hobbies and talents, this one strikes fear into my heart the fastest. he is very good, and safe; but it is the machine i don't trust. luckily, over the years and through the demands of children he doesn't go out as much. long ago, before the dinosaurs roamed the earth, we used to go riding together. one of our favorite activities. we even designed my wedding ring so I wouldn't have to take it off for wearing gloves (i never take off my wedding ring). and over the years, between pregnancies and nursing and time, i have dropped out of the picture. this is now ty's 'man time' with his friends and brothers. but luckily,he only gets out about once a month. thank goodness. but until then, i sleep soundly at night knowing that we have an excellent life insurance policy.


Becky J. said...

Oh that is so crazy high! I can't believe that's not his stunt double or something. He IS the stunt double! I wouldn't sleep well at all! Looks like fun, though.

Melanie said...

Billy and I are so impressed by this picture. He was just mentioning the other day how much fun it was to go out with Ty.

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