lucy, well where do i start. anyone that meets her thinks she's probably 3 or 4 years old. not two, though her birthday is around the corner. at her two-year check up the doctor asked if she knew at least 100-200 words. i bit my lip to keep from laughing. lucy talks...a lot. she loves learning about things; and finally she is entertaining herself in the car.

recently she asked us about 'stoplights'. how do they work? what are they for? what are the colors for? she picked it up pretty quickly and will warn us about 200 feet ahead. 'it's green, you can go mommy!" "It's yellow, slow doooowwn!" "Stop mom STOP! it's red!".

well, (I am already laughing writing this) the other day ty was driving us somewhere around town and the light turned yellow and well, how do i put this, he ran a red light. (if you don't live in utah, this is more normal than stopping at a red light). all of a sudden in the back seat, lucy is screaming "Dad! That was RED! didn't stop" She was appalled that her daddy didn't stop. it was hilarious. ty and i laughed all the way home. we have our own little backseat driver already. (if any of you have driven with me, this shouldn't shock you)

and another funny lucy story: (really, there are so many, where do i start?) yesterday ty and i were actively discussing some financial matters in our family while the girls were playing in the living room. lucy peeked around the corner and asked, 'are you guys fighting?' we just stood there, embarrassed that she is old enough to catch on to the mood of things. and then politely, she turned and walked away while saying, 'i think you need to stop, ok?' what a little know-it-all. :)


Becky J. said...

lol--that's too cute. She's too smart for her own good. :)

Melanie said...

Sounds like Lucy will be keeping you guys in check for a long time! :)

Carrie said...

I can't believe I still haven't met Lucy! She seems like she is your mini-me! Cute stories like that make me want to have babies! (But then I just have to baby-sit my brother's kids to snap me out of it for now. :-) )

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