night drive

for the first time in our parental life, we decided to drive at night all the way home. i can't believe how stupid we have been. trying to drive through the day was always like beating my head against a brick wall. stupid, stupid, stupid.

this time, for the entire trip, i didn't want to kill my children, or my spouse, or jump out the window. i believe this is what they call an epiphany? i am never going back, no never. give ty a red bull and he's good to go, and peace creeps back into my life.

lucy's latest drawings. her floating heads now wear 'shirts'. this is her and daddy.


Stephanie and Paul said...

love the heads, love the shirts! amen to driving at night with kids. lots of people don't like driving at night but when compared with the alternative I'll take a little bit of eye strain. also if you're ever flying take the night one too. it's the quietest i've ever seen luke on a plane.

Melanie said...

I'm glad your drive was so peaceful. I think we'll be doing some of that around Christmas time. :)

Loved the pictures!

The Richards in Canada said...

I prefer "Rockstars" but whatever works right!!

The Dunne Family said...

Amen, the ONLY way to drive any amountable distance.

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