this weekend

our little makeup artist. notice the guilt ridden face.
my visiting teachers were over for 45 minutes, i was so proud of lucy, playing quietly in her room. or so i thought. ooh, i was pretty angry! my favorite eye shadow!

snow! the first at our house september 29th. gotta love her outfit.

happy birthday daddy! they both were way excited to eat this sucker. we are all big RED SOX fans, in case you didn't notice already.


Melanie said...

Those pictures are awesome!!! :) I can't believe it's cold enough for snow! I'm so jealous! Sorry you lost your favorite eyeshadow. Happy Birthday Ty!

Carrie said...

Did you decorate that cake yourself? I forgot how talented you are with baking!

Annie Leavitt said...

haha you are too funny carrie. yes, i decorated it, but it was an ice cream cake from DQ (Ty's favorite). But the ice cream made the frosting run, made me so mad. It said Red DOX instead of RED SOX. Lucy loves to 'help'. Which of course means eating all the frosting. Her poop was blue the next day. Probably too much information there huh?

Jordan and Jandee said...

I think it must be a right of passage that every little girl will get into her mother's make up every year or so until they reach semi-adulthood.... love Lucy's little face :)

Becky J. said...

I think every little girl needs to have a caught-putting-on-mom's-makeup-picture like that. Let's just hope that's the only one you ever have to take! She's such a cutie.

Stephanie and Paul said...

you are amazing at decorating! i'm so impressed! help me with this one, though: i vaguely remember a cake without flour in it? and then driving all over salt lake in carrie's car until we had to stop for you? was that you?

yesterday it was 90 degrees with 90% humidity here. anyone wanna come visit? i'm ready for fall!!!

Annie Leavitt said...

oh my. yes, the cake vomiting incident. i'd almost completely blocked that one out of my memory. thanks steph, for the reminder. hahaha, laughing lots over here.

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