you've had a birthday shout hooray

back from vacation, back from illnesses, back from a 3 year olds' birthday bash. holy's good to be back. here are some pictures from our last 10 days of living.

lucy is officially three. she is potty trained and loves to disobey her parents.
she had 6 friends over for her party (yeah, should have stuck to the 'however many years they are' rule) she recieved a new pink leotard, real leather ballet shoes and a tricycle from us.
i can't believe it has been three years.

here is her cake, the yellow came out more like mustard... i almost cried.

after her friends were gone, got a picture of just tyson and the girls. i love this picture because you can 1. see how ty is with the girls everyday, so great and 2. see our view from our window. notice the BYU student walking to school on her cell phone, and our cute neighbor kids playing in their driveway. it's really fun to watch everyday.

too cute, ty right after church with abby. we played round robin with church because the lucy was sick... again.

TEXAS. my great friend from frehsman year just got back from the Johannesburg mission in South Africa. what a trooper. she still makes me feel lazy. we love the tex.
if you have a light stomach, don't look. we are RED SOX FANS. you can tell this when your daughter is puking into your toilet wearing her favorite PJ shirt that's 'just like daddies'. don't think she doesn't know who 'big papi' is and why we love him. gotta love kids being sick.

she woke us up at 7am on saturday last week, 'mom, i just threw up' where? 'well, i was feeling sick so i got the trash can and put it by my bed, there's throw up in it now." oh, thanks for the update. yay, i get to clean up! you can tell your child get's sick too much when they know what to do when about to vomit.


Jordan and Jandee said...

Oh I'm so sad that you guys have been sick! That picture of Lucy over the toilet is so fun yet sad for her little stomach! Anyway I hope you guys stay healthy to enjoy all the Halloween festivities coming up!

Carrie said...

Poor Lucy! Hopefully her adorable birthday cake and party cheered her up after a long time of being sick. Your little family is so cute! I can't wait to have my own! (That's not true--I CAN wait, and I WILL wait, but it will be so fun to have little kids someday!)

Melanie said...

OK, where to start. The cake looks great. You always do a good job! :) (Remember my orange-y Dora? I felt like crying then too!)

Loved the pictures of the girls with Ty and you with Abby and Texas. Abby looks so big! I can't believe she was so small last time we saw her!

And I'm really sorry Lucy was sick, but that picture just made Billy and I crack up! Especially with that shirt! :) We were back at Fenway all over again with Ortiz bumpin' his music in his car! (And what would I give to have Emily understand she can get a trash can when she's sick!!! Last time she just wasn't quite there. I don't think she could understand it was OK she used it for something other than trash!) :)

Hope she doesn't get sick this year on Halloween! Hide the candy! :)

Becky J. said...

That birthday cake is amazing, Annie! I so need you to teach me! You have such an adorable family!

The Dunne Family said...

Oh I am SO sorry to hear about the sickiness - yuck. That's the worst, especially with little ones. That picture of Lucy just made my heart break!
The birthday cake is great! Are you going to keep doing one layer for every year? I am erally amazed - you have to tell me how you did that!


The Richards in Canada said...

SO yes, Ella is full on crawling. Funny how it changes your life. I agree with the immobility thing. She's starting to stand as well and walk around things. I can't believe that in a few months she'll be walking. They grow to fast! You were in Logandale??? day we're doing to come to Utah and visit you guys! Oh yah, I love the pic of Lucy over the toilet! Anyways, I miss you tons and can't wait to run again with you!

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