i still want

so we just upgraded our phones again. i swear, the two years always flies by. and instead of getting the two for deals that we always get...i want this. but of course, we got two new phones for 19.99. not too shabby.

but the blackberry is really cute, and i could text so easy (i barely even text anyways). i just want to be hip, is that too much to ask?


Melanie said...

I had to smile when I read this. The last time we upgraded we had our eyes definitely on something other than what we ended up with! :) But when all you really use your phone for is old-fashioned calling and talking (that's us), it's hard to justify something fun and fancy on a tight budget! Someday dear! :) (I said that to Billy as we left the store!)

The Richards in Canada said...

I understand! My old phone died and they gave me a 250 dollar credit for a new first phone was the free one they give away. Well I took the 250 threw in 100 dollars of my own and got the phone I actually wanted this I regret it...nope!

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