thanks to grandma curtis and early christmas presents (only curtis' know what i'm talking about) lucy attended her first live nutcracker performance by utah regional ballet. the picture is sort of blurry, but she was more than ecstatic about it. i was a little worried about her making it through the whole thing, her bedtime is 7 and it didn't start till 7:30. but lo and behold, she stayed awake the entire time and couldn't get enough of it. the live orchestra was really interesting to her, but the dancing took the cake. the best part for me is that my friend and fellow dancer katherine dixon from BYU was the sugar plum fairy. how fun! and she was amazing as usual. i love knowing that this will be a tradition i can enjoy with my girls, and ty appreciates that he doesn't have to go.


Melanie said...

How cute! What a fun thing you can do just with the girls.

See you soon!

The Dunne Family said...

SO Cute - and Annie you look so beautiful!! I need to gett your address!

Chandra said...

Annie I love the coat and Lucy's dress looks so cute. I am so excited for you to have girls to share ballet with since we all know how much Ty likes it.

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