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i realized i haven't posted very much about the girls lately. i mostly made this blog for our parents to see how the girls are doing, but have used it more to keep up with my friends. oops. so here are some funny things the girls have been doing around the house.


  • she calls her nativity her "activity scene". and calls the angel a fairy.
  • we have a great church book from my mom, and yesterday she said, "mom, it's presibent sprinkley!"; but hey, she got joseph smith right.
  • she can fully dress herself, shoes, socks, pants, panties, shirt, jacket, beanie. she also can do this at an average of 30 times a day.
  • she is fully potty trained, but since we put up the christmas tree has regressed a little (hmm)
  • she loves hanging out with ty. (personally, i think she likes him better) because i am the disciplinarian and he is the fun dad who gives her m&m's for breakfast and let's her watch shows that i ban.
  • she loves healthy cereals- for real. if you pour her sugary stuff she can eat almost 3 bites. but get her some plain shredded wheat and she can down 3 bowls of it (with a little bit of honey).

  • is crawling, but can't pull herself up onto anything yet (hallelujah)
  • loves to talk, dangit. we thought we got a quiet child. her favorite words are (tingtangtao, dadadaoudee, oooooo, bluduooo)
  • she LOVES lucy. wants to always play with her, eat her food, steal her toys and be in her room.
  • is the apple of my eye, i love her so much and haven't trained her to sleep through the night yet because i just don't mind nursing her at 2am.
  • doesn't like her toys, but loves keys, staplers, cell phones, toilet paper, toilets, trash cans and board games.
  • will be 1 in less than a month! holy cow.

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Melanie said...

Great to hear what the kids are doing and enjoying. I can't get over the fact we've only seen Abby once, and she's almost 1. We are too far away!

On a side note, we are counting the days to when we fly to grandma's house and get to see grandma and grandpa and get to play with Lucy and Abby. Emily is excited and Jacob just says, "Me too! Me too!" Have you decided when you're coming down yet?

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