thanksgiving post

finally got around to the turkey day pictures. again we celebrated at my parents house for the delicious food and my mom's homemade rolls. we had a lot of fun at the leavitt's skeet shooting but don't have any pictures.
lucy and her favorite cousin sydney

mmm, pie.

if any of you want to know what ty does at my parents', it's sleep.

cousin (2nd?) henry. so adorable, makes me ache for a boy.

abigail and henry, hmm, they look related?

jessie and my cousin joe. we had so much fun with them, hope the feeling was mutual! we are still laughing over all the funny stories we heard and told. fun times by the pool table; that's the first time i felt young again for a long time.


Melanie said...

Fun pictures! I can't wait to see Ty sleeping during Christmas break! :) Glad you had fun. Is your hair getting long?!?!?!

jes said...

good pics, annie! we had a great time too! (and thank goodnes no one vomited until we got home.) it's nice henry is so good-looking, then people won't spend too much time looking at me.

you better be good or my poodles will come and get you.

Stephanie and Paul said...

so sad we missed out! love the pics!

Becky J. said...

Looks like you all had fun! It was great to see a picture of Jessie and Joe since Jessie never posts pictures of them on her blog and I've never seen a picture of their son! He's a cutie! Glad you had a fun time.

Chandra said...

Do you have long hair?! It looks so cute.

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