white stuff

saturday morning, december 1st we woke up to this winter wonderland. what a way to start the holidays.we had a blast playing all day long and driving in the snow. our street is really cute in the snow too. you can't even tell i haven't raked my leaves!

lucy was pretty stoked that it finally 'snowed' at her house. she was a little confused at first at how cold it was...but learned to love it anyways. she peed her pants while playing; either because it was too hard to come in and take off her snow bibs, or she just wanted to warm herself! probably too much info, but it was pretty funny.
beautiful view from my kitchen window.
i love it when the clouds are low like this.
the roads were way slick, but sarah and i still loaded up the kids, dropped them off at the sitter's and got to the gym. way to go us.
she may be smiling, but abby hated her snow outfit.


Melanie said...

I do wish my kids knew what snow was! At the city tree lighting last week, they brought in 20,000 lbs of snow for the kids to play in, which sounds like a lot, but was hardly anything to write home about. And, of course, there was a huge line to get to it! We walked our kids over to the side and let them touch just a little bit of it. They were fascinated!

Jordan and Jandee said...

Snow is just magical....I felt like a little kid myself on Saturday when I woke up to all the snow!

Carrie said...

The snow looks like so much fun! Lucy must love playing in it! I never thought I'd say it, but I do miss it!

Chandra said...

I love it! Lucy must have a one track mind. Play... Play...Must not stop to pee... Play... I love the pictures of the snow too.

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