at the advice and tutelage of my sister-in-law melanie, i began coupon clipping about a month after we moved. i have to admit, i used to think it was a big waste of time to cut out, store and use a 50 cent coupon. but today, i am a firm believer in coupons. not just any coupon, there are thousands of fake coupons out there. anytime you see an asterisk that means you are not getting a good deal; usually all the good ones have those. the scary ones are for medical procedures and i really don't want the lowest bidder for that stuff if you know what i mean.

the point of this post was to share how our family loves coupons. lucy loves 'croutons', she thinks the hair product ones are the prettiest and helps me hold them in the store (but usually drops them in the process). whenever she finds one in the house she yells "i found a crouton mom! oooh, it's a good one!" abby thinks they are fun for a mid-morning snack or to tear apart. one time she tore up a "$3.00 off exedrin one", so sad.

ty laughs at the coupons, but not when he goes shopping with us. a lot of the coupons are for foods i could care less about, but he loves. pickles, spam, tortillas, cheese sticks, chips, salsa and so on. so thanks to mel, croutons are a part of our lives now. i get really excited sunday mornings when i see my savings wrapped in an orange bag covered in snow. now if i could just keep them organized...


Melanie said...

I'm still laughing about the "croutons!" That's too cute. I'm glad they're helping you out. I was skeptical at first too, but they can definitely help with the grocery bill! :) (I don't want a coupon for medical procedures either.) :)

Chandra said...

Organization? atip I received from my sis: baseball card holders in a small binder. You can file them alphabetically or by expiration date. It works great and hooray for coupons!

Carrie said...

I didn't figure out that "croutons" actually meant "coupons" until about halfway down your blog! I was like, "I've never seen croutons in hair products! Maybe I'll have to check that out!" :-) Yeah, Peter's made me a believer in coupons, too. Although I am one of those that says "que-pon" not "coo-pon." I hope that's ok.

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