mlk day

and how, you might ask, did we spend martin luther king day? by participating in a predominantly white sport of course. i remember in school when we actually prepared and learned about mlk and celebrated. i think some of my siblings can still sing my mom's famous song about it from elementary school (sing about martin...sing about luther!). i am grateful for him, but i think today, we were more grateful that tyson was home with no schoolwork.

lucy l o v e d it. this is when we were watching the zamboni work it's magic

a lot of the time she just wanted to hold on to the side and 'arabestk'

i believe in this picture she had just yelled "i'm SKATING!!!" in case no one had noticed yet.


Jordan and Jandee said...

she looks like a natural, perhaps you have a little Michelle Kwan on your hands

Becky J. said...

That looks so fun! I don't know that Sophie would love it yet, and neither me nor Joseph are talented enough skaters to take her around in our arms, but it looks like Lucy had the hang of it! Cute girl.

Stephanie and Paul said...

hey i like the new blog style! and that picture of lucy's little mischevious smile!

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