new year

2008 has begun and we are trying to keep up. after two terrific weeks in Nevada with our families, we are home. I can't wait to get into my bed. But I will miss my mom's shower,mmm, nice. the girls enjoyed every minute of vacation, except, of course, naptime and bedtime. but santa came to grandma's and we have to rotate our toys. i asked lucy if she wanted to give some of her old toys away, but she wants to keep all of them. oh well.

abby started talking the first few days we arrived. she now says-
"baba" baby
"nana" banana
"num num": good food
"bapa": grandpa
"sissy": lucy
"uh-oh": i dropped my sippy cup again
and "ki ki" kitty. yeah for abby!

lucy is in love with her new dress up clothes and handme-downs from cousin emily. we barely made it in the door unloading tonight and she already had her leotard, tutu, and ballet shoes on. what a piece of work.


Melanie said...

Within 5 minutes of waking up Sunday morning, both Emily and Jacob asked about Lucy and baby Abby! :) It was the sweetest thing. We're so glad we got to see you and the kids could spend so much time together!

Good luck getting settled back in and rotating those toys!

Love you guys!

Stephanie and Paul said...

i want to see pictures of the tutu girl! we were so sad to not see you in provo! maybe next time...

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