sticky stuff

after being home for only 4 days before traveling to nevada for a missionary homecoming and abigail's birthday, christmas decorations did not come down. so monday morning we took our tree out to the street.
later, while lucy and i conversed over the daily make-up ritual. (can i wear some? "no", can i wear some? no) i dropped the lid to my foundation into the drain. right side up, with no way to pry it out. with tyson gone to school, and abby napping, i had no clue what to do. talking out loud i told lucy, "if we could find something sticky, we could maybe pull it out" and in one second she shouted "tree sap is sticky!" what a brilliant idea! we got a q-tip, trecked outside to the tree, gobbed up a bunch on the end, and headed back into the bathroom. and wouldn't you know, it pulled up my lid like that was it's job.

i think this definitely merits some bragging rights on lucy's magiver skills.


Carrie said...

We are truly in the midst of a great mind. All hail Lucy, the wonder child!

Chandra said...

Absolutely!!! What a proud moment.

Stephanie and Paul said...

smartie pants lucy! happy very belated b-day to abby--can't believe it's been a YEAR already! ps what do you think about new york?

Melanie said...

Wow! That's so awesome! GO LUCY!

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