can you?

today in the car on the way to target:

'can i be alice in wonderland next halloween?'
"can you make my costume?"
"i can try; that might be fun."
"can you make it fabulous?"

now THAT is a good question.


Anonymous said...

i'm teaching henry "fabulous" next. i've been inspired. then as we're driving along to wherever, henry can pull out his first sentence, "oh, wow, fabulous goat."

Melanie said...

I love it when when they use big words like that. Good luck making that "fabulous" costume! :)

(Emily's been using "beautiful" lately. It cracks me up. "Those colors are beautiful!")

Carrie said...

I love that Lucy is such a little diva! Wonder where that came from... :-)

Jordan and Jandee said...

fabulous....yep she's definitely precocious!

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