family tag

ABC Tag, I'm It. But i'm including everyone too so it's not just about me.

A- Attached or Single? attached
(hopefully my children will stay single at least till 1/2 way through college)
B- Best Friend? in the whole world? tyson
lucy's best friend: i can't even name them all, but emmy comes over a lot. her cousins and aunts and uncles mostly.
abby: lucy
C- Cake or pie? pie pie pie
D- Day of choice? friday
E- Essential Item? Water
ty: baseball cards
lucy: apple juice
abby: kitty cat
F- Favorite Color? blue
tyson: red
lucy: pink
abby: is banana a color?
G- Gummy Bears or Worms? chocolate covered cinnamon bears
lucy: likes the sour worms.
H- Home town? i'll use birthplace...pittsburgh, pa
ty and the girls: st. george, utah
I- Favorite Indulgence? Almond m&m’s and krispy kreme’s
ty: flaming hot cheetos
lucy and abby: chocolate and whipped creme
J- January or July? January, always a fresh start.
K- Kids? 2
L- Life isn't complete without? joy
M- Marriage date? april 18, 2003
N- Number of brothers and sisters? 4 bros, 2 sisters
ty: 2 bros, 1 sis
O- Oranges or Apples? That depends on what season it is.
P- Phobia and fears? cobwebs, bad spelling, drunk-drivers, losing loved ones.
ty:losing us
lucy and abby: not being able to watch elmo anymore.
Q- Quote? nothing is so bad that whining about it can’t make it worse.
ty: "what you talkin' bout willis?"
R- Reason to smile? i am very blessed.
- Season of choice? Winter.
ty: fall
lucy: summer because the park is open all day (playground at school)
abby: could care less
T- Tag three people? whomever wishes, so be it.
U- Unknown fact about me? i always feel like I’m shorter than everyone else.
ty: secretly likes the shakespeare festival when we go (ssh, don't tell him you know)
lucy: is very sensitive to everyone's feelings
abby: loves to dance already
V- Vegetable? abby and i like broccoli
ty: asparagus
lucy: peas
W- Worst habit?
i talk too much
ty: on ebay too much
lucy: picks her nose and eats it (and then announces the fact)
abby: farts in public
X-Ray or Ultrasound? both
ty: x-rays for his torn acl
lucy: 2 ultrasounds in utero, one x-ray for a sprained ankle
abby: 2 ultrasounds in utero, a gadzillion x-rays in the NICU.
Y- Your favorite food? everything
ty: appetizer samplers
lucy: chicken nuggets
abby: whatever i'm eating
Z- Zodiac sign? scorpio
ty and lucy: libra

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Becky J. said...

That was so fun to read about all of you! I'm so glad you included the whole fam (though I could've done without lucy picking her nose and eating it. Just kidding, Sophie's already become fascinated with the two holes in her face that are perfect for those little fingers to go up. Why why why? :)

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