grandma and grandpa

we had a great weekend with ty's parents in town. lucy and abby loved all of the attention. lucy was pretty proud to show grandma and grandpa her sunbeams class and the 'animal museum' (aka L. Monte Bean Museum) at byu. we love that place. ty and i loved that we got to eat out 2 days in a row! wow, what a luxury. it was a really great visit, and i just realized we didn't take ANY pictures. how sad. we miss them already.

i do have to show off my valentine's present from tyson. it came early. i have wanted this clock for a long time, i think since the first time i watched back to the future. anyways, it's really cute and quirky; and it fits great with my kitchen decor.


Melanie said...

It is fun when the grandparents come to town. The kids love the attention and you can usually get a little bit of a break. Glad you guys had fun.

Cute clock! Is it from Ebay?! :)

Carrie said...

Very cute clock. As soon as I saw I knew it was the "Back to the Future" clock! (Or one of them)

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