happy heart

aren't these white roses great? they are from tyson, who from a business lecture learned how to pick great flowers. these are by far the most beautiful i have every is our 9th valentine celebration (granted two of them were by post via mission mail, sans ooey gooey sentiments of course). how time flies, how love grows. makes me think of the lyrics, "just let your love grow." granted, we water it and feed it, but it still has enough oomph to keep on growing everyday.

after giving cards this morning and receiving from the girls- i can't help thinking about valentine's day. is it really just a cheap shot of commercialism from the card and candy companies; or is it the opportunity to genuinely share your affection for others? i like to think a little of both; but the former reason only because everyone could use a day made just for chocolates.
in elementary school i LOVED valentine's day. carefully selecting which care bear card to give to the boy i liked, the boy i didn't like, and my girlfriends who always got extra candy. in college it was the loneliest day of the year. and now in marriage, it is just another day (plus flowers and candy of course). what am i getting at here is although i'm not in your class, if you are reading this i would definitely send you a sweet valentine sharing how glad i am you are here and are my friend. whether you have a valentine to share today with, or not- you are just as valuable no matter what.

happy heart day.


Carrie said...

That was so sweet! I would give you a valentine too! The flowers that Ty picked are GORGEOUS. Kudos to him for being such a great hubby. Working in an elementary school, it's hard not to get caught up in all of the excitement of the day. I just remember every Valentine's Day (elementary school through college) I would just hope that the boy that I liked at the time would give me a special valentine and declare his undying love and affection to me. That never happened, but at least now I have a steady valentine that I can depend on. :-) Happy V-day friend and cousin in-law!

Stephanie and Paul said...

wow, they are lovely. i don't even think i know how to pick great flowers. i think valentine's is what you make of it. we made it into kiddie valentines day at our house and shared the nice dinner and dessert with the kids. luke had a great day.

so we are living parallel lives, huh? how is abby doing with dairy? have you given her any? liam still not a fan of (read: pukes up) dairy. not as bad as a couple months ago, but still.

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