lucy ann

lucy can write her name now. l u c y. it's everywhere. on her sunbeam handouts, on her wall, on her carpet, on her valentine's that i never mailed or handed out.

she is getting sick too. it's almost sweet because i remember what a wonderful little girl she is, just her energy tends to hide it.
all day long she lay on the couch, "i don't feel good,"
"mom, my body doesn't feel good."
poor poor lucy, my favorite lucy.


Melanie said...

Tell Lucy we are so proud of her for being able to spell her name! That is so exciting. Tell her also that we miss her and hope she feels better soon. Emily was just telling me Tuesday how she wants to go to Lucy's house. :) I told her we will someday!

Carrie said...

I laughed out loud at the comment you wrote on Jandee's blog about how you thought you were going to be kidnapped by polygamists when you were pregnant! I can't wait to be pregnant and see what crazy emotion takes over. And if you ever were kidnapped by polygamists, at least you would have 7 other wives to help you clean the house and do the dishes!

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