baby #3

we have another baby coming to our family, and no not the human kind. got you sweating didn't we?

no this baby is lucy's best friend, confidant, partner in crime. most children attach to stuffed animals, a blanket, a truck etc. well, lucy attached herself to this dolly from birth (she likes to rub the satin hat rim) and it just happens to be hard to clean, upkeep and very, very rare. the first replacement (baby #2) we found a year and a half ago and took 6 months to find on ebay. yesterday i decided to search again for it on ebay and found it in 5 minutes and she should be coming by next week.

thank goodness for ebay because this thing goes everywhere with us. and as my brother bill said at christmas time, "it (baby #2) looks disgusting."


Melanie said...

Too funny! You really had me take a double-look at first! :) Glad you found another one. Sounds like she won't be bothered by getting a new one, so that's nice. Our kids' pluffies have stood up to so much, I was thinking I should look for one for #3 too. I think I'll check ebay!

Annie Leavitt said...

Lucy still thinks she has the original baby. I just swap at night and tell her that when she was asleep I gave the baby a 'really' good bath :). I do wash it in her detergent first-to make it smell like her real one.

The Yardley's said...

You have been tagged!

The Richards in Canada said...

omg, you almost had me there. Nali is still on her original "bunny" we bought a back up one but neever needed it, so now it's Ella's. The girls have identical matching bunnies that they HAVE to sleep with every night. Sometimes if one has been left at Grandma's we put Ella down first with the one left and switch it to Nali after she is asleep. Thank goodness Grandma only lives 2 minutes away!

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