beware of silence

as a mother, i have learned to recognize that not all silence is created equal. there is the peaceful silence when the babes are asleep, and the golden silence while they look at books or do a puzzle. and then there is the scary silence that lasts longer than 30 seconds; that silence has never wielded happy endings. every time we recognize this quiet moment ty looks at me, and we KNOW that some kid is doing something bad.

some examples are: lucy playing outside alone/lucy standing on top of her dresser/abby playing with poop (don't even ask)/abby and lucy getting into my make up together/lucy getting into my makeup alone/ abby playing with a squishy rotten orange in the laundry room.

this is what scary silence produced last week: one complete roll of ultra charmin, ruined. abby was pretty proud.


Melanie said...

Uh-oh! :) Can't wait to see the pictures though!

Tam said...

I seriously laughed out loud, must be because I can identify. Hi, by the way. Hope you don't mind me frequenting your blog:)

Trent & Tara said...

Just that look on her face says it all!! Ha Well you sure do have some great stories to tell!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I know all about scary silence. ;-)

Melanie said...

Love the picture! :) I swear, they all do it at least once. We have a picture just like that of Emily. :)

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