como se what?

ok- i've had it. enough. para! for the second group session in a row we have had a caucasian parent in our gymnastics class (names withheld) who speaks only spanish to their kid. the first child's father was from columbia, which understandably, you'd want your kid to be bilingual. but come on, you can't use english for 45 minutes away from home? and the second child is whiter than the driven snow, and the father has the worst gringo accent i've ever heard.the teacher is teaching in english, the students are trying to follow directions in english. can't you just say jump instead of salta? what the heck is going on here?

great, educate your child. expose them to other languages, AT HOME. thank you.

i'll stop ranting now.


Becky J. said...

Oh my goodness, I could totally jump on this soapbox, too! There's a woman who used to live in our ward (who I hope doesn't know you and blog here) who served a spanish speaking mission and her husband did, too, I think, so they decided to raise their children spanish speaking only. The poor boys can't function in public b/c they don't know english! The idea is, of course, that they'll pick up english at church and school and in the world, but they seriously never speak it to them, so how backward are they once they start school? If they had a better balance between the two it would be okay, like if they just spoke spanish at home, but I'm with you--when you're in public, stop speaking espanish! Now they live in Turkey and I have no idea how they're getting along. I would love if my kids grew up bi-lingual, but at the cost of being socially backward because no one understands you? No thank you.

Melanie said...

That's too funny! :) Why do people think that's OK and normal?!

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