cupcake crayons

do you have a million broken crayon pieces in your coloring box? don't throw them away!

if you have toddlers, this is a really fun and easy craft. thanks to The Everything Toddler Activity Book my mom gave us for Easter, lucy was entertained for 20 minutes.

.peel off all the paper off of the broken crayons (might want to do this before-lucy lost interest)

.place broken pieces (no black, brown or grey) into a lined muffin tin.

.bake at 300 degrees till melted.

fyi-lucy loved the end result; and no, they are not for eating : )


jes said...

do they taste better with frosting?

Melanie said...

I've heard about doing this, but never have done it. Was Lucy totally impressed with the end result?!

And I just threw a broken crayon away - don't worry though, it was brown! :)

Camrin said...

Annie & Tyson-
What have you been up to? I am glad I found your blog. It's fun seeing blogs from Moapa Valley...what a small world. You and Tyson have a cute little family.
I am going to totally have to do this with my broken crayons. I know my daughter Dantzel will love it.
If you get bored, check out my blog.
Camrin :)

Katie M said...

Annie, I love this idea! I posted it on sk*rt.

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