happy easter egg

our eggs.
after the hunt
i think they're related

we had a lot of fun dyeing these.
lucy was an excellent egg color timer. she knew when they were ready, and they would be!
lucy asked if it was easter this morning. i told her "no", and she was confused. "but we still have lots of candy left!" she said. lots of candy we have, and thank thank thank goodness there isn't another food holiday until october. holy cow.


Jed Wheeler Family said...

Your girlies are adorable. I love the matching dresses. Nice cake too, very impressive!

Meka said...

Annie how are you?? I saw that you ran a marathon!! You are my hero! I would love to do something like that. Your family is adorable! Love your blog. Have fun in Provo :)

Melanie said...

The kids were with me when I checked your blog and LOVED seeing the pictures of you all. They were both excitedly saying all your names as we scrolled down to look at each picture. So glad you had a good Easter. Did you stay in Provo? The girls do totally look related (Billy and I were commenting on that recently.) and very spring-y in their dresses. The cake is so festive too. What a good mom!

Melanie said...

I forgot to tell you, Billy said, "Happy Easter...Egg!" to the kids Sunday morning and Emily looked at him like he was crazy. She was quiet for a couple moments and then replied, "You don't say that. We're not eggs. We're people!" :)

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