niagara falls i tell ya

today during the girls' nap time, instead of squeezing in my cross-stiching project or a quick power nap(i really am an 80 year old lady), i read Bridge To Terabithia again. I hadn't read it since 4th grade and thought it would be a fun, quick read. oh my. it didn't matter that i could hear lucy climbing her closet shelves and pulling out all her clothes instead of sleeping, or abby's hacking cough that is getting scarily worse. no,i ate up the whole book and balled my eyes out like a baby. i hate books like these, and yet, i really love them.


The Leavitts said...

You are so funny! I get way into books lke that too,but they have to be good!!

Becky J. said...

You made a good choice; this is one of my favoritest books! And I don't care how many times I've read it, I still bawl EVERY. SINGLE. STINKIN. TIME. I really liked the movie version of it that came out last year, too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Annie! I found your blog off Camrin's, I hope you don't mind. Your little girls are getting so big. It looks like you guys are having fun in Utah, I sure miss it. If you want you can check out our clan.

Melanie said...

Wow! I remember reading that book. Both the book and the movie just made me cry like a baby. :) It is a love/hate relationship with books like that - so good, but by the end your eyes are so puffy!

What's your cross-stitch project? Glad to hear I'm not the only one with one! :)

Hope Abby's cough gets better soon!

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