skiing in your skivies

the snow has melted and the sun is shining in our yard. it seems strange that the mountains still are covered in snow, i bet that snow is warm too. makes me think of a funny little story from a long time ago.

almost every saturday in the winters my dad would pack up seven kids, skis, boots, jackets, gloves, lunches (oh, how i hated those soggy ham and cheese sandwiches), and cocoa into our family suburban and take us up to mt. rose to ski. he had started us all out when we were about 3 years old on the old puff the magic dragon skis. why did we give those to DI?
every time we went it seemed as though someone would forget something. the cardinal rule when skiing with my dad was to NEVER forget anything, like your boots, and NEVER click your skis together on the lift. those memories are so strong from those trips. my dad's warm cherry lip balm and cold starbust from my pocket. and always having him put his pole across my lap so as to not fall of the lift.

to make a long story short,the night before one trip my mom told me it was going to be very warm and to not wear many layers under my snow bibs. imagine my dads surprise when we get out of the car and unzips my jacket and all i have on is my snow bibs and underwear. classic kodak moment.

i got a new mt. rose ski t-shirt out of that trip. and great, great memories. i should get lucy some skiing lessons.


Jordan and Jandee said...

what a fun story, I can see it all now, isn't skiing the best!

Carrie said...

Skiing in your skivvies. I should try that sometime. I'll bet it's a whole new experience. :-)

Melanie said...

Too funny! :) I know Billy would love to get the kids ski lessons too 'cause of all the memories he has!

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