you know you're poor when...

lucy says in the morning "ooh, i like these panties. they fit AND there aren't any holes in them!"
you only buy gifts on your gap card because your checking account is empty.

you get excited for trips home because you don't have to buy groceries for 3 days

run outside every sunday morning in your pjs and barefeet to check out the coupons

gauge how long it would take to walk somewhere to save gas money

you frequent the local library bi-weekly because it is the only thing that is free

entertain family at the bean animal museum (again, free)

you can't imagine how anyone can 1.own a home, 2. afford to pay the taxes and insurance on such home, 3. own a nice car at the same time, 4. afford to clothe their children 4. pay full price for anything 5. not have a budget. 6. not be in debt. 7. not argue about money


Becky J. said... forget that there really is life outside of school and that some people our age really do live in nice houses with nice stuff.

That was us tonight as we visited my cousins. It made me so envious of having my own home! (sigh)

Oh, and that Jump On It! place in Lindon is free, too! least anyone under 3 is free. You might have to pay for Lucy, sorry. But you don't have to pay for yourself if you're not going to jump (most moms just sit and watch or slightly bounce their babies which they let you do at no cost). Of course, you have to pay the gas to go all the way up there, but it's worth it for another fun activity!

Tam said...


Melanie said...

Don't you LOVE being in school?! It's times like these when I say thank you for what I do have and tell myself it'll all be worth it in the end. :) I've been telling myself it'll be worth it for a long time! :)

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