hello, goodbye

after moving back to p-town last year we were able to meet up with a lot of my old friends and roommates. it's weird to see how we all are older with kids, and yet still hanging around happy valley :) well, now becky and her family are moving onward and upward into a real adult life that doesn't include school. it was fun to get together one last time, but sad to see them go. we had some good times in jamestown #27 didn't we?
some of my favorite memories of becky were:
.her excellent advice; she was wiser in sooo many ways. wink wink
.having her in the relief society presidency, that's the first time i attended every enrichment!
.her polish stories
.her clothes :)
.her fun brothers next door
.her witty sense of humor
.her faith

becky,sophie, jandee, abigail, lucy, me
here's a good one of everyone but me, can you say bad angle? (i hope)

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Becky J. said...

Oh, Annie, that made me want to cry! I'm going to miss you girls so much and miss the chance to get together often! Thanks again for letting us come over and hang out one last time. It was so fun! That first pic of me is awful, but you look great in both of them! I'd love a copy if you could email it to me! Thanks again! Love ya!

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