how much is that doggy in the window?

last weekend we babysat our neighbor's bulldog. gwen is her name, and we all fell in love with her. besides her odor and snoring, she stole our hearts away. the girls lived and breathed around her for 3 straight days. we played outside all day saturday with yard work. poor gwenny, i don't think she's ever exercised that much! it was fun, but made me realize that puppies are like, well, children. and i don't think i'm ready for a 3rd now thank you.
yes, that is abby inside the 'crate.' lucy asked, "mom, why do you call it a crate when it is a cage?" smart kid.


Melanie said...

Too funny! Glad you guys had a fun weekend babysitting. Nice that you could have fun with Gwen and then give her back! :) I love the picture of Abby in the crate! She's getting so big!

me said...

Abby wasn't scared of the dog? That's awesome. Aaron wants a dog so bad, and I'm sure that Jared would love it too, but I'm just not ready for another thing to take care, not with baby 2 coming!

Camrin said...

Dogs are a lot of work but...we sure do enjoy our little guy. It makes it all worth it when they entertain your kids a few hours each day. Both my kids totally love our little pup. Dog sitting is a lot different then having your own. :)

Anonymous said...

Your girls look so cute in that last picture. So happy!

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