i heart the 80's

my urban outfitters catalog came today and i almost died. they are actually selling this outfit. why on this green earth would you buy these pants? or tank top, for that matter. i had a pair just like these, bow and all, i'm sure they are at some savers store somewhere. this phenomenon really doesn't cease to get me. the only outfit i find remotely cute that i used to wear out of my zippered jeans, oversized shirts, and lacy leggins, is the leggings. so cute; so for someone a size 6 or under.

yes...80's music totally rocks. some of my favorite movies came from the 80's (sixteen candles, pretty in pink, breakfast club, goonies, trading places etc.) the cars, not so much, and the clothes, well, let's just say the clothes are awesome for 80's parties. and do you know why they are fun to wear to costume parties? because they were, are, and always will be absolutely ridiculous. you heard me...ridiculous!


Melanie said...

HaHaHaHa! Billy and I watched a bunch of VH1's "I love the 80's!" shows while we were in the hospital. They are so fun to watch and remember, but like you said, who would wear that stuff again.

And then here am I with a paisley nursing cover and paisley print on my new diaper bag/backpack, which my mom just gets a kick out of 'cause it's all so 70's! :) Everything just comes around I guess. While I could never go for the 80's stuff again, I seem to be falling for the 70's stuff. Guess it just depends on when you were born. :)

Jed Wheeler Family said...

What's really happening in this picture is 1)the girl just awakened from a 20 year slumber (hence the stretching) or 2)she's contemplating drowning herself because her outfit is so bad! I hope that isn't inappropriate.

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